About Children's Trust Foundation

Children’s Trust Foundation is dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect. They fund Family Support Centers in communities across the state of Washington to help ensure that parents have the knowledge, skills and encouragement they need to manage the challenges of parenting in today’s demanding society.

They advocate for children, for families and for efforts that support their mission of preventing abuse and neglect before it occurs.

Their Mission

Children's Trust Foundation is dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect in Washington State by strengthening families and ensuring the healthy development of children.
Children’s Trust Foundation is the only statewide private non-profit organization or foundation that is targeting funding exclusively to family centers. A small grant may greatly expand a center’s capacity to serve parents—by adding new parenting classes, by hiring a part-time childcare coordinator, or by developing a new anger management program for parents of teens, just to name a few possibilities. Through this kind of support for family centers, their goal is to stabilize, strengthen, and increase locally based family support and prevention resources. They believe this will not only prevent harm to children, but will promote positive, healthy and productive individuals, families and communities in their state.

Their Strategic Goals

Increase and stabilize funding to community based, family support programs throughout Washington State.

To educate the public about the role of family support centers in preventing child abuse and neglect.

To advocate for public policies that support children and strengthening families.